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Basically, BSTAR is a Smartphone app for connecting people in every corner of the world through photo and video sharing so that you can share your talents and things that seem interesting to you. BSTAR offers you all that and much more. So what are you waiting for? Download BSTAR today!

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At BSTAR, we believe that exceptional way to show your interests goes a long way. BStar is one of the hottest new Apps around, offering a wide range of  entertainment that is aimed to simplify your life and increase your happiness. Whether you’re looking for Free Download options. Check out what we can do to entertain your day!


About Us

Every groundbreaking App begins with a series of small ideas that are combined with an all inclusive one. At BSTAR, we wanted to change how users see the concept of social network, by offering a simple and user-friendly platform they can entertain. Give a different and enjoyable way to share actual life experiences with friends.


I’ve seen other Apps that serve similar purposes. What makes unique?

BStar users can be in a special category by obtaining a specific number of star and thus on the basis of how interesting they are or the things they posted. The users are required to just click on an image, record or select the photo or video with their smartphone and place them in the right categories. According with their interests like Sport, Food, Funny, Beauty, Drink & Party, Style, Love, Art & Design, Places & Travel, Animals, Photography, Science & Technology, Architecture & engineering, Vehicles, Change the World, Others.

Show your Talent

All of us have a gift that makes us Special and Unique.
Everyone has a talent.
Everybody has something to give.
All of us have something we're good at.
Only need to Show your Talent in 10/s on BStar.